Well rooted sansevieria superba

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Another name: Sansevieria Superba &Laurantii Compacta&bonsai&potted plants

Size: 20-50CM
Pot Size: 5.5CM, 7.5CM, 9CM, 12CM. 14CM, 17CM.
PP/Pot: 1pp or 2pp or 3pp

Superba is our most advantageous product. What can we do to help you to sell the Superba well in your country:
1/ around 200,000 square meters base field → good quality and stable quantity
2/ more than 19years’ cultivating experience → big stem with nice leaf
3/ around 150,000 square meters greenhouse → enough space to make bulk stock
4/ any size with good root is available at any time special for some big supermarket’s special request on certain size only. Like we can supply 30-35CM size at any pot with large amount whole year.

Do you want to know more about the Superba?  How to make sure that the Superba can bear long time from China to another country?  How to persuade consumer to buy Superba? How to buy good quality of Superba from China?  How to avoid the pitfall when you purchase the superba from China? ….

If you have some questions like above or even more, Vanli is here to share more experience and knowledge with you.  Welcome to contact us.

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As a leading sansevieria field and potting company, we accept any variety of sansevieria in bulk orders. With 150,000㎡ greenhouse and facilities & 200,000㎡ fields as well as experienced 100+employees, we have all the resources to make different kinds of sansevieria with premium quality and big amount.

When you buy sansevieria from us, you will get the following benefits from us :

A/ Enough stock for the whole year’s supply.

B/ big amount in certain size or pot for whole year order.

C/ customized is available

D/ quality, shape Uniformity, and Stability in the whole year.

E/ If it’s a new plant/variety, developed by you and you will be our exclusive customer in your area.

F/ we have many varieties for your choice.

How to select good quality Superba? Key points are as below:

1 Select a good field and select the good plant from the field.

2 It must be excellent knowledge on the cultivation plant in the field and in the nursery.

3 Experienced workers should have a nice understanding of how to select and how to pot them in a nice shape.

4 Pre-packed into the tower, we have 4 times quality checking.

If you want to know more about how to purchase good quality Superba without arrival quality problem, we are here waiting for you to share more experience with you.

The varieties of sansevieria we have are as below:


Zeylanica compact


Black diamond

HJ Diamond

Golden Flame



Snow white




Hahniii –Golden Hahnii, Green hahnii, Lotus hahnii, dwarf laurentii , dwarf superba,Snow white dwarf.
Any varieties that you would like to purchase from China, we can do.

How to maintain superba ?

Superba is suitable to grow in loose and fertile soil. In the process of breeding tiger skin orchid, loosen the soil every 2 ~ 3 years.

2.Light conditions
Superba is suitable for growing in an environment with sufficient light. It can be put in a place with sufficient light for maintenance and given all-weather light to promote its vigorous growth. Note that when the light is too strong, it is necessary to transfer superba to a ventilated and cool astigmatism place for maintenance to avoid strong light burning the leaves.

3.Water and fertilizer management
Superba is suitable for growing in a humid environment. When cultivating superba, water it every other week. When watering superba, let the water flow down the edge of the flower pot and soak all the soil. In the vigorous growth period, diluted nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer should be applied once a week to supplement nutrition.

4.Suitable temperature
Superba is suitable for growing in warm environment and has poor cold resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to transfer superba to indoor for maintenance in winter, and control the room temperature above 10 ℃ to avoid freezing injury and survive the winter smoothly. In addition, when the temperature is too high in summer, it is necessary to often spray water around the leaves of Cymbidium to cool down.
If you would like to know more about the superba , we are here to share more knowledge and experience with you.

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